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Testosterone is the base hormone in men that separates the true Alpha-Male from the rest. Men with higher testosterone levels are physically stronger, mentally smarter, they carry more lean muscle mass and less body fat, have a larger male organ (penis), and are more aggressive than “average” males.

Testosterone pills are often sold as a “testosterone booster”. Testosterone-1™ by Muscle Labs is the best testosterone supplement currently being sold in the United States.

Quality testosterone supplements (Like Testosterone-1™) are  safe, non-prescription compounds that are very effective at delivering rapid improvements in strength and stamina.

Users report an almost instant increase in their sex drive,libido, and erection hardness.

Long term results show that users experience an increase in strength and lean muscle mass, while drastically reducing body fat.


Side Effects: When taken as recommended there have been no harmful side effects reported. The most common side effect is more frequent erections and an increase in libido.

Shipping: Testosterone-1™ pills can be shipped worldwide with no issues from U.S. customs or postal inspections. All packages are shipped with a tracking number. We ship all USA items USPS Priority. Your product typically arrives in 1-3 days.